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Our unique knowledge of international climate best practice helps our clients lead where the rest of the market will soon follow.

climate-related risks and opportunities

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Climate risk/opportunity identification and benchmarking

We start by helping organizations understand why they should identify their climate risks and opportunities. This can often include board or executive training.

Climate and sustainability strategy development (including governance)

We develop climate solutions for our clients, so they are equipped to make smart business decisions. We do this by integrating climate into decision-making frameworks at all levels of the organization. This process often leads to new connections and synergies within the organization, increasing organizational resilience.

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Scenario analysis

We Identify and mitigate our clients’ current and potential future liabilities related to climate risk (e.g. flooding, fires, impassable roads, electricity interruptions, infrastructure damage and storm water management.)

climate-related financial disclosure

Due diligence

Increasingly, investors want a measure of the risk of a changing climate on their portfolios. The broad scope of climate impacts are becoming clear: according to one estimate, 93% of the total U.S. equities market is exposed to material climate-related risks. We help asset managers to identify and manage their portfolios’ climate risk and opportunities.

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Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Implementation

The TCFD, led by Michael Bloomberg and Mark Carney, is applying international pressure on companies to disclose climate risk and opportunities on financial statements. We help companies understand and comply with mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements like the TCFD. We also offer TCFD training.

low-carbon, resilient infrastructure


Life cycle assessment and embodied carbon management

We help clients assess and track the full environmental impacts of their projects, from raw material extraction to ultimate recycle and/or disposal, used in the construction of infrastructure and buildings. We also offer training on embodied carbon and life cycle assessments.

Resilient infrastructure and building strategy development

We advise clients on the construction of high-performance green buildings and climate resilient infrastructure; we formulate climate resiliency frameworks for communities and build smarter cities; we also manage renewable energy projects, including microgrids, thermal energy systems and biofuels.


green certification and requirements


Green building certifications and carbon footprinting

We efficiently manage the certification process for clients and perform or provide custom carbon footprinting tools and calculations.

Codes and standards updated for climate change

Our extensive experience, and international awareness of where policy is heading, makes us experts at updating codes and standards in light of a changing climate and increased carbon constraints.

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Infrastructure Canada’s Climate Lens support

We provide complete support (GHG emissions and climate resiliency assessment) for clients applying to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF) and the Smart Cities Challenge, among others.

policy, education & training

Policy, education and training

Leverage our multi-disciplinary team of climate experts to get your board, executives, and advisors bespoke climate policy, education and training on cutting-edge low-carbon and resiliency solutions, such a climate-related financial disclosure.

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Register for climate-disclosure workshops

Sign-up for Mantle314’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) training to understand climate reporting, stakeholder expectations, and get on a path to developing a TCFD-compliant report.