Intro vs. advanced climate disclosure training

What are the main difference between the intro and advanced course?

The Introduction to Climate Disclosure course is a medium to high-level review of climate disclosures including context and background to the climate issue and the momentum for disclosure. It’s geared towards providing participants with the right information to build a business case for disclosure to their management.

The Advanced Climate Disclosure course assumes the participants have already been informed about the need and momentum for climate disclosure and instead dives into each of the TCFD recommended areas of disclosure. It defines and discusses each of the areas in detail from the point of view of why it is recommended disclosure, the information needed to make the disclosure and the current state of disclosure.

How does the Advanced course go over and above the TCFD guidance document?

Our courses complements the TCFD guidance document primarily in two ways. First, we use current examples to discuss how the TCFD recommendations are being integrated into disclosures for real companies. We discuss pros and cons of different formats and approaches. Second, we dive into what and who course participants will need in order to implement the recommendations in their own companies. We look at considerations of personnel that may need to be involved and data and information needs. Overall, we interpret the TCFD guidance document in a practical manner.

How comprehensive is the outline that you come away from the Advanced course?

The Advanced TCFD course aims to provide the participant with the questions and topics that should be considered for an outline under each of the four TCFD recommendation categories. Since each company’s outline will be different, the course focusses on giving the participants the tools needed to develop the outline. This can be done during the course or as a takeaway. We provide key reports we draw upon to develop our course, along with handouts and resources to help you develop your disclosure

What are examples of the types of challenges past attendees raised?

Challenges that participants face are varied. Some examples include:

  • Whether to develop an integrated climate and sustainability report or a separate report
  • How much to include in a climate disclosure
  • Understanding the Strategy section of the TCFD recommendations

How much time is spent on stakeholder and investor expectations?

Stakeholder and investor expectations are the focus of one of the sections in the Intro course. In the Advanced course, they are discussed where specific examples of disclosures are used. We encourage questions and discussion during both courses on these topics and our instructors bring first-hand information on the perspective of the financial community.

What does explore the “benefit and risk of different approaches” mean?

We use examples of current disclosures to discuss the four categories of TCFD recommendations. The examples are selected to highlight different approaches to disclosure including qualitative, quantitative, graphic, etc. The discussion will explore the different messaging that the examples present and how this might be perceived by the financial community.